Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Made A Difference

to this one! Many people have asked us how we can handle volunteering at the pound. The tale of Toby is a great example of the joy that this project brings us. Toby is an eight year old border collie that was fading fast in the shelter. He is a large (overweight) older dog that had a slim chance for survival. He was very sad - depression leads to a lowered immune system which leads to kennel cough which leads to ....euthanasia. Time was critical, so we posted stories about him on http://dogsindanger.com/ and http://phoenix.craigslist.org/pet

Someone saw him on craigslist - here is part of her post: "After seeing this adorable freckle-faced fur baby posted on here numerous times in addition to dogs in danger: Despite the fact our house is "full" and we already have three dogs...I couldn't bare the thought of him sitting there any longer. This boy had been there for over a week and I just knew that his time was running out. I trucked over there today to meet him and let me tell you.. what a doll. He's so mellow, good with my kids. He just wants to be loved. " Aaahhhh - I love a happy ending.

So that's why we do it - it makes a difference - one at a time!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is One Amazing Lady

Here is the Maricopa Animal Care & Control Volunteer of the Month. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Beth on my first training day at the pound. Please click on the picture and read of her dedication to helping animals. Thanks so much for all you do Mary Beth - You are a hero!
To see the many wonderful animals available for adoption in Maricopa County - http://maricopa.gov/pets For a search in your area - http://dogsindanger.com

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hard Night at the Pound

Last night was truly one of the hardest nights that Matt & I have
experienced at the pound.

It was our regular night to go in and take photos of the adoptable animals to post on the shelter website.

Just look at some of these faces.

Everything from little puppies, kittens to 15 year old dogs and cats - plus everything in between.

Each one reached out for love and affection. They know that time is short and they need every chance to connect with someone who will rescue them.

Our county shelters take in an average of 150 animals per day! They say that you can measure a society by how it takes care of its animals. We are falling short of the mark.

Please spread the word to spay or neuter pets. Please microchip them to increase their odds of being returned if they get loose.

And if you're looking for a new pet - please rescue a dog or cat from the pound - they know you've saved them and love you all the more for it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

2 Great Guys from Atlanta

Just wanted to share with you - last week I completed a custom project for another Etsian - http://apt20designs.etsy.com/ of her 2 dogs - Moses and Henry.

They have the best nicknames -

Trenchcoat Mafia and the Quarterback

I have had a lot of request and suggestions to do custom work. This project was a test and I really enjoyed the entire process. If you enjoy my work but would like a custom portrait of your own pet - I will now be offering custom portraits in my etsy shop http://pawprintsproject.etsy.com