Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tracy: An Etsy Artist & Her Tale from the Pound

I'd like to introduce you to Tracy of Artgirlx. She has opened her home and her heart to 3 beautiful rescue cats. In addition to being the "Patron Saint of Cats" - Tracy is also an extremely talented artist.

She has graciously allowed me to share her rescue story and some of her amazing artwork on this blog.

"All 3 of my cats were rescues. 2 of them (pretty, fluffy brothers that look like they are part Maine Coon) were from a litter that was thrown in a dumpster. The guy that found them didn't want to keep the remaining kittens any more and I was worried they wouldn't find good homes. The actual rescue was very convoluted and involved a covert meeting in a parking lot!

And our latest furry rescue was found at a campground we were visiting last winter. Apparently some people think it's ok to dispose of their pets out in the wilderness. This was also a very complicated rescue involving adoption and ferry rides and a final meeting in a parking lot to claim our latest fur baby! They are all very happy and healthy and the brothers accepted their new stripey brother without incident. I have long considered myself the Patron Saint of Abandoned Kitties and would love to have a rescue home some day in the future.

Anyway, since we have moved into this new house they love to hang with me in the studio as it has a great corner window for them to perch and see all the goings-on. That's great and all but what comes with this companionship are; hairs everywhere (landing in the paint), an errant tail knocking something over and constant jumping on and jumping off of my work area. Regardless, home wouldn't be home without one of these fur boys around and under foot.

And now, a Public Service Announcement: Please rescue strays, you can take them to a NO-KILL shelter until they are adopted out, or take one in yourself, you won't regret it. END PSA." - Tracy -

Please check out her wonderful blog at http://smashart.blogspot.com

Then enjoy a look at her online Etsy shop - Artgirlx The shop is filled with very unique handcrafted pendants, orginal artwork and more.

I've fallen in love with her "Home" series. Just click here to view her etsy shop - Artgirlx

"These paintings are part of a body of work that deals with 'Home' and what it means to others.For some, home is a sanctuary, for others home symbolizes something completely different. What does home mean to you?" - Artgirlx

Thanks Tracy -for sharing your love for animals and your amazing artwork.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Thousands of years ago - cats were worshipped as gods.
Cats have never forgotten this!" - anonymous -

The title of this print is: "Are You Talking To Me!"
It's available now in our etsy shop - Paw Prints Project

Tomorrow - I will be posting new "tales from the pound" from an amazing etsy shop owner - will be featuring her beautiful shop as well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Stop & Smell the Flowers

Have a happy weekend......

Murphy says " Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!"

Stephanie & Nicholai: A Rescue Tale

I love to share a great rescue story. This tale is from Stephanie and is about her little Lhasa named Nicholi.

Stephanie: "We rescued Nicholi when he was 3 from a Lhasa Rescue. His owner had surrendered him claiming he was too much of a 'guard dog.' The rescue believed that his owner had picked him up and threw him to try to get him to stop barking. He's needed A LOT of love and patience, but rescuing a dog is about the best thing in the world. -If you're ever considering rescuing, do it! Just be prepared for some work in the beginning..and know eventually the love and trust they give you will out way any negative behaviors they came with.

Sure you can post my little guys story on your blog! I think it serves several really good purposes.

First, he's proof that you can get the little dogs at rescues, which for some reason people think you can't do.

Second, I like to point out that you have to research about the dogs breed before you do get them. Yes my Nicholi is cute and little and fluffy, but good lord does he have Lhasatude! That is the whole reason someone abused him. They didn't like that he barked when people came to the door, so she would pick him up and toss him to shut him up.

Lastly, I really think rescues seem to give back even more love than you can imagine once they realize they are in a forever home. Sorry to go on and on, I'm sure this is stuff you already know! I think all people who rescue animals are really passionate about it. Everyone I've met that has rescued always has a great story to tell. Thanks for showing off my Nicholi on your blog!" -Stephanie

Thanks so much to Stephanie for rescuing this sweet little boy and sharing his story.

PS - Check out Stephanie's blog at

We'd love to hear your animal rescue tales too!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wow - What a Treasury!!!!

I was surprised this morning - one of our prints (The Things I Could Tell You)is included in a beautiful treasury on etsy. This treasury looks like a piece of artwork . It's an amazing collection and I'm really honored to be included.

My thanks to the etsy artist that put this together. Her shop is Cabbages and Kings Art and her work is delightful. Here are a couple of my favorites:

You can visit her Etsy shop by clicking on this link: Cabbages and Kings Art

and you can see our print that she selected at Paw Prints Project

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Guy & His Dog

I recently finished this commission for the son of some great friends.
It was an absolute pleasure to work on this. This little dog was not treated well at her former home and just showed up on their doorstep one day.

They took her in and cared for her until her owners were found. But Pepper knew better.......she just kept coming back and coming back - and the former owners said - She's yours!!! She's been with her new family for a long time and is one happy little dog.

Here's the final version

We'd love to hear your stories of how your pets adopted you - please leave your comments (send pictures too!!!)

and if you'd interested in a custom portrait of your pet, please drop us an email at pawprintsproject@live.com

Please check out our online shop to view our art work. Paw Prints Project

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Etsy Treasure

I'd like to introduce to an extremely talented jewelry designer - Creative Treasures by Donna.Donna creates the most incredible pieces - I love looking on her site to see all the beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets....

I also love reading her descriptions of each piece - they always bring to mind tropical nights, desert sunsets, glistening winter forests.... Here's an example-

Gaze through the crystal
what do you see
Aquatic Creatures
swimming free
Amber, copper, teal and green
the colors of life
In a Sea Of Dreams...

I am delighted to own quite a few of her amazing pieces. So if it's time to treat yourself or someone special - visit Creative Treasures Shop on Etsy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Quote of the Week

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
-- Unknown

"Looking for Love" 8x10 Limited Edition Print available at Paw Prints Project

Friday, July 18, 2008

They Weren't Too Happy but...

but it had to be done! Both of our cats - Murphy and O'Malley were due for the annual exam at the vet's office. This includes a very long car ride and
much howling!!!!!

They both received clean bills of health along with their shots. Murphy (the tabby) tried to hide in the trash can, hid his head in my arm and was quite a big baby about the whole thing.

After my post about the cats in the shelter (how only 1% are returned to their owners) I decided to make sure that my boys were protected as best as possible.
To my surprise - O'Malley's microchip was out of date - the phone number was wrong.
and Murphy didn't have a chip - so along with his shots - he got an extra injection today. (so do your pets a favor - doublecheck that all their information is current and up to date)

I will be shopping on etsy tonight for new collars and tags for both boys.
They're home now and the whole episode seems to be forgotten!

....Happy Friday!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's Talk About The Cats

Last year in Maricopa County (Arizona) 12, 719 cats were turned into the county shelter.

The GOOD news is that 4,401 were adopted or fostered into new homes.

The BAD news is that 8,141 were euthanized despite the best efforts of the staff and volunteers to find them homes.

Even more heartbreaking - only 165 were reclaimed/returned to their owners.
That's only 1% of all the cats there - made their way back to their original homes.

Buy a collar and id tag for your cat and leave them on her at all times - you never know when she may get out.

Consider getting a microchip for your cat - if he does get out - his collar may get caught on something and break loose.

Please take just a minute and look back over all of these pictures.
There are 100 cats in this post. Statistically - only 36% made it out.
Only 1 out of 100 went back to it's original home!!!

Every single one of these cats was loving, affectionate and intelligent. They were used to people - they belonged somewhere. Please spay and neuter your pets.

If you have the time - please volunteer at your local animal shelter. Please consider adoption over purchasing from a pet store and please - spread the word.

A Whole New Look from a Talented Designer

Hello World - what do you think?
The blog has a whole new look and my etsy shop has been
redesigned as well. I had been thinking about a change for quite awhile but it just wasn't coming together.

I am such a do it yourself kind of girl but this time, I wanted a fresh/new set of eyes and ideas. I am delighted to have found this wonderful designer on etsy.

Her shop name is Banner Child and for an extremely reasonable price - she will design your shop banner, avatars, business cards, blog banner and blog layout.

Her ideas were fresh, colorful and original. Here is our brand new business card design:

AND check out the new look for the shop Paw Prints Project

Banner Child offered several options for each project, patiently worked through
my special requests and delivered a final product in a very timely manner.
I highly recommend her work. Thanks Banner Child!!!

PS: She also writes a great blog: Banner Child's Blog

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shop Update on Thursday

These new prints will be available in my etsy shop on Thursday.

Summer Adoption Special

Love for Sale!!!! This is a wonderful opportunity for many people to adopt pets. Please click on the picture to enlarge it - this is a GREAT DEAL!!! Our Phoenix summers are so hot and the kennels are filled to capacity. Animal Care & Control is really working hard to find homes for all these wonderful animals.
Check out their website at Maricopa Animal Care & Control

Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Eyes, Big Ears, Big Heart

This little guy was in the pound last week - so thin, so tiny - how and why do these darlings end up here.

This print is now available in my etsy shop - just go to Big Eyes

Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Week - New Prints Available

It's been a busy, busy week - new prints in the shop, setting up a myspace page!! Come and check it out at my space
Here are a couple of the new little darlings available this week.
Come and check out the rest - my etsy shop

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Prints & New Sizes in the Shop

We're changing things up just a little bit! New sizes in the shop. These portraits just really called for a square format and I am really pleased with how they came out. These are open edition prints and are being offered by $15 each.

The little dog in "Can You Feel My Love" really tugged at our heart strings - she was shivering from head to toe - so frightened. We took her out of her kennel at the pound and spent 30 minutes playing with her in the hallway. She was adopted the next day - whoever took her home - received a jewel!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Been Awhile!!!

Although I haven't blogged in awhile - it's been on my mind. I guess blogging is going to be a lot like exercising for me. Once I get started - I'm off and running - the hard part is that getting started part!!!!

Matt & I have continued our volunteer work at the animal pound. It is kitten and puppy season and the pound is overflowing!! They are running a really wonderful and incredible promotion - because there are so many older cats & dogs available - they're on sale!!!! Can you imagine it - love truly is for sale!!! Cats older than six months - only $25 with shots, vet check, spay or neuter included, Dogs over 40 pounds - only $60

Last night, we were really happy to see so many of the older dogs & cats had on adoption collars.

So - You CAN buy love!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Made A Difference

to this one! Many people have asked us how we can handle volunteering at the pound. The tale of Toby is a great example of the joy that this project brings us. Toby is an eight year old border collie that was fading fast in the shelter. He is a large (overweight) older dog that had a slim chance for survival. He was very sad - depression leads to a lowered immune system which leads to kennel cough which leads to ....euthanasia. Time was critical, so we posted stories about him on http://dogsindanger.com/ and http://phoenix.craigslist.org/pet

Someone saw him on craigslist - here is part of her post: "After seeing this adorable freckle-faced fur baby posted on here numerous times in addition to dogs in danger: Despite the fact our house is "full" and we already have three dogs...I couldn't bare the thought of him sitting there any longer. This boy had been there for over a week and I just knew that his time was running out. I trucked over there today to meet him and let me tell you.. what a doll. He's so mellow, good with my kids. He just wants to be loved. " Aaahhhh - I love a happy ending.

So that's why we do it - it makes a difference - one at a time!!!!