Saturday, January 3, 2009

Labrador Retrievers!

I have had a labrador retriever in my life since I was
about 7 years old. My best friends were my little brother
and my black lab Skip.

Skip lived to the old age of 16 - I'll never forget one
Thanksgiving. We were just getting ready to sit down for
Thanksgiving dinner when there was an angry pounding on
our front door. The neighbor down the street was nearly
hysterical - furiously pointing to our dog (who was laying
right in the middle of our front yard) eating their Thanksgiving

The woman had put it out in her garage to cool. Skip helped
himself to a feast, drug it home and had one paw on either side
just having the best meal of his life.

So.... the dog had turkey for Thanksgiving that year - and the
neighbors had ours!!!!

Here are a couple of new portraits of labs - they'll be available
in the etsy shop next week.

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